Maŕa Peralta Studio steel chains and hardware fixtures are made from stainless steel and surgical steel materials. All stainless steel metal do not rust or tarnish and are hypoallergenic and good on sensitive skin. 

Each piece is packaged with a signature Maŕa Peralta vegan micro fiber pouch to prevent scratches and allows you to travel with your pieces. 


Every few months or when you feel a cleaning is needed, you can wash the metal using a very soft brush and soapy water to clean it. Then rinse your piece with clean, lukewarm water and then polishing with soft jewelry cloth in pouch. I do advise to not lay pieces on coarse surfaces. 


Stainless steel is the most recycled material on the planet, steel will and can be reused and recycled. Our metals do not rust, tarnish or turn your skin green. You are able to wear your pieces in the shower, swimming, at raves; when and where ever you go. 

Maŕa Peralta Studio is interested in reconstructing steel, designing hardware accessories and jewelry pieces using the sustainable and ready-made concept. Curating pieces that are modular, multi-functional and durable, that will evolve and grow with you.

We believe these pieces should live with you in time. 

Please email if you have any other questions about the product and care.

Thank you for your business,